LesFic Eclectic Volume Three: Coach Four on the Blog Train

Christmas is getting closer, and we’re up to coach four on our LesFic Eclectic blog train. We’ve got four more authors from our free anthology in today’s blog: the brand new voice of Frankie S Carson, emerging author C.A. Hutchinson, plus two of your favourites in Jenn Matthews and M Ullrich. Volume Three is released on Thursday 23rd December, but you can download Volume One and Volume Two right now.

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How excited are you to be involved in this project?

C.A.: Very excited. Having my stories published is such an achievement for me and I am in great company with other amazing authors. 

Frankie:  I am very excited. Being Included allows me to see that other people like my writing.

M: Very! I’m always flattered when asked to contribute my writing to any project, but I’m particularly excited to take part in a collection with such talent involved and variety of topics. 

Jenn: Super excited! I did a poll on social media asking my readers which of my couples they’d like to read a short sequel about and, well, it was fairly unanimous!

What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

C.A.: Blind Date is a romance about a shy woman who has been set up on a virtual date by her friend, only when she meets her date, she gets a real surprise! 

Frankie:  It’s about a supposedly haunted café and the secrets people hold close. It starts out as a scary story that develops into a shifter story.

M: Alice is a general fiction story about a woman mourning the loss of her mother and trying to cope with and understand a secret that had come to light in the last day of her mother’s life. Kortney’s mother had an affair with a woman and remained in a relationship for years, never once telling her daughter. This raises questions about family, closeness, and religion.

Jenn: My story is a sequel to Hooked On You and follows Ollie and Anna eighteen months after the end of the book. It falls into romance as a genre, I guess, as Hooked was a romance. Perhaps there’s a little comedy thrown in for good measure.

What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

C.A.: I like to write whatever I feel inspired to write, so it can literally be any genre or about any topic. 

Frankie:  I like writing stories about people that can love who they want without worry about being looked down on or hated. The genre changes with the different thoughts I have at the time.

M: Oddly enough romance is my favorite genre to read and write, but when I was given the freedom to write anything that came to mind for LesFic Eclectic, I wanted to challenge myself to write something outside of my norm.

Jenn: I like to write romance between women who are different. I’m currently writing an age-gap romance about the carer/mother of a teen with cerebral palsy and an eco-friendly nurse in her mid-50s (titled Love, Nature). I also have a mystery romance half finished, which I will continue with once I’m done with Love, Nature.

Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know.

C.A.: I am an aspiring writer and as much as I enjoy it, I actually love editing and designing things. 

Frankie:  I recently moved from my home In Louisiana to be with my girlfriend In Nebraska…right before winter.

M: Aside from writing, another passion of mine is baking. Right now, I’m leaning heavily into that passion as a way to cope with anxiety and stress, but also flex my creative muscles with variations of already delicious recipes. Just recently I made brookies (a combination of brownies and chocolate chip cookies) but added salted caramel and walnuts to the different batters. They were a home run!

Jenn: My readers probably know a lot about me already. I guess the fact that I have to buy kids’ socks is a thing. I measure a UK size 2 1/2 so the usual ‘ladies’ socks, which tend to be 4-7 are simply too large for my little feet!

What’s your favourite line from your story in LEV3?

C.A. Hutchinson ~ Blind Date:
“You should know that just because I was blessed with the opportunity to present a television show, I’m still just a scientist at heart, and I don’t think of myself as a celebrity.”

Frankie S Carson ~ The Haunted Café:
Glancing at the grinning Joey, she says, “I still can’t believe you taught them John Wayne’s ‘Yo!’ backwards.”
Joey winks. “Wait till I teach them the entire dialogue.”

M Ullrich ~ Alice:
I don’t have a particular line but an exchange between Kortney and a priest. She says how she’s struggling with so many questions and no answers and the priest simply says, “Pardon my frankness, but isn’t that life?” Brutal honesty at its purest. 

Jenn Matthews ~ Arthur Gets the Remote:
I think the line that Ollie says: “There are bigger things to worry about in the world,” will resound with a few of my readers at the moment. The pandemic has certainly put some things for me into perspective (and I work for the NHS!). Sometimes, it’s better to let the little things go to preserve the big things.