What do I get out of it?

  • You become part of a brand that readers will associate with top quality LGBTQ+ books. 
  • Your books will be the best they can be, and you’ll be proud of the novels or non-fiction work you’re putting into the world.
  • You’ll be part of a larger community who will support and promote each other.
  • Free ISBNs on paperbacks, eBooks, hardbacks, and audiobooks.
  • Your books will be in the top five British deposit libraries archive (Bodleian at the University of Oxford, Cambridge University Library, The National Library of Scotland, The Library of Trinity College Dublin, and The National Library of Wales). 
  • Free marketing videos for social media.
  • A guide through your publishing journey—being an Indie author doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

How does it differ from a regular publisher?

  • We don’t take royalties to make a profit.
  • You’re paying for the services to create your best book (unless you’re part of the Believe programme).
  • We’re an invitation-only publisher, and we don’t take submissions (except for the annual LesFic Eclectic annual anthology submissions call).
  • You retain full control of your work—you’ve just got a partner to help you on the way.
  • There are no tie-ins or expectations/right of first refusal on your future work.

What do you get out of it if you aren’t taking a percentage royalty?

We’re getting to work with our community and with words. You’re an Indie and you’re paying for our services. We don’t need royalties on top of that. We’re a community interest community (CIC) because we’re about people, not profit.

Will you help me produce an audiobook?

Yes! We can connect with you with the right people to get exactly the voice you’re searching for.

Do you only produce eBooks?

Nope. We can help you create paperbacks, hardbacks, audiobooks, and eBooks.

What about Kindle Unlimited?

You can choose whether or not be part of Amazon’s book subscription service. As a new author, KU allows readers to take a chance on your words with no risk or outlay for them. And KU page reads can pay the bills, just like individual sales can! But you can put books on and take them off to encourage eBook sales as you wish (within KU’s parameters).

Won’t I lose control?

No. You’ll still write the stories you want to write.

What if I don’t like what is suggested (e.g., the book cover)?

We work together until we’re all happy with the end product.

Do I have to take the whole package, or can I pick and mix the bits I really need?

Our brand is about quality in every aspect of production. There’s no point having a great book if your cover art sucks, because people really do judge a book by its cover, and they may not even peek inside if your cover doesn’t look the business. Equally, if you have a great cover but your story isn’t properly edited, readers will be disappointed. We have a lot of expertise in the company, but we’re expanding our list of sub-contractors all the time. If you’re working with someone that you think holds the same principles as Butterworth Books, introduce us!

Can I just pass it all over to you so I can get on and write the books?

Definitely. But you’ll still get edits! And you’ll get style pages and cover designs to choose from.

Can I be involved in each step of the process?

Absolutely. We want to make sure your book baby is as perfect as it can be, and we need your help to do that. It’s your vision, and we want to help you get it out into the world. Equally, if you want to hand over your words and simply approve all the choices, you can do that too. We’ve got authors on both ends of that scale, and it’s working very well indeed!

How are the fees established?

Whether you’re paying upfront or participating in our Believe programme, all our book services are charged by the hour. Every book is different, and every author is individual. Some edits take longer than other. Some book covers take less time to create. We believe in paying for the work you’ve received: no more and no less.

If my budget is limited, can I negotiate a minimum service/ just the areas I need most?

That’s when you enter the Believe programme. The Butterworth Books brand is about total quality and maximum effort. There is no minimum, what can I get away with not doing—the bar is high for a reason. If we believe in your words, we’ll make your dream happen and we sort out payment only when your book is making money.

What if I don’t qualify to join Butterworth Books (BB) can I still purchase services from you?

Yes, you can access all of our expertise at our sister company, Global Wordsmiths CIC.

Will you submit books for awards (GCLS/Lambda/Polari etc)? 

Yes, but you’ll pay any fees associated with submission.

What if there are competing books under the same press will different books be submitted?

Competition is healthy. If we have three authors submitting to a memoir competition, so be it. Press coverage and exposure to one of our authors means exposure for every author in the house.

Will there be an email list that is used to notify readers of all book releases?

Yes, there is.

What social media channels will you use?

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Who determines the speed with which something is published?

That’s a conversation between the author and Butterworth Books. Our publication time varies from two to four months from the moment the manuscript is fully edited.

Will I get to see how my sales are doing so I can tweak my adverts accordingly?

You’ll have your own KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) page and log-in. You’ll be able to view your sales as often as you’d like.

Who owns the rights to the books and other formats?

You do. We own the ISBN your books are published under, but it’s very easy to withdraw your book and publish under a new ISBN, if you wish.

Will I be tied in for a run of books or years?

There are no tie-ins or expectations with your future work. We hope that you stay with us and help us build our vision into a sustainable business, but you’re an Indie, and that means you get to decide what you do with us and for how long.

Will I be able to go to other publishers for different genres?

Absolutely. But your books don’t have to be LGBTQ focused. We’re about our people; if you’re an LGBTQ writer creating children’s books, this can still be your home.

Do you cover dealing with film/TV rights?

We don’t yet, but as we grow, that’s something we hope to help you take care of.