Our Authors

As the youngest of six children born in a tough working-class area, and consumed by an obsessive desire for music and literature, SIMON SMALLEY has led an unconventional life. This is his first memoir, but he’s already working on the next volume.

Now being stocked in Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham

KAREN KLYNE lives in England and is a passionate globetrotter. When she’s not travelling, she likes walking, cycling, and chasing a little white ball around lush green fairways.

HELENA HARTE is an incurable romantic with a marshmallow heart, and her bag is women loving women romance. Her favourite pastime is finding love and romance in the strangest of places.

JAMES MERRICK is a professor of Curriculum and Teaching. He lives in Bakersfield, California, with his husband of eight years. Writing fills most of his waking hours, but he also enjoys traveling, reading, and gardening. His current short stories and poems can be found here.

VALDEN BUSH is a huge follower of lesbian fiction, reviewing for lesfic sites and loving it. Reading all those books got her wondering if she could do it too. So she attended a writing retreat run by authors, Brey Willows and Robyn Nyx, and they were convinced she could do it!

Valden lives near Bournemouth, UK with her wife of thirty-two years and is a Zwift cyclist. She can be found puffing her way up various hills most days…she’s working toward the mountains.

E.V. BANCROFT always wanted to write but was too scared of being unable to support herself. So she spent many years working as a chartered accountant in finance and business, doing corporate life in large multinationals, and running her own business, interspersed with flying, off-road driving competitions and raising a daughter. It’s all been invaluable as ammunition, er, inspiration, for her writing.

She’s written a children’s musical, produced an animated short film, written a business book, and continues to write poetry. E.V. lives near Bristol with her daughter and neurotic cat.

MICHELLE GRUBB is Tasmanian born and now resides in the UK with her wife. She’s a fair-weather golfer, a happy snapper, and a lover of cafes, vinyl records, and book shops. 
Michelle harbours an unnatural love for stray pieces of timber (she promises her wife she’ll build her something one day), second-hand furniture shops, and the perfect coffee. She can play six chords on her guitar, stumble through a song on her drum kit, and if you see her wearing headphones, she’s probably listening to Mumford and Sons while dreaming up stories and plot twists. It goes without saying that writing is Michelle’s favourite thing to do.

ROBYN NYX lives in England but enjoys traveling all over the world in search of inspiration. Robyn is an avid shutterbug and lover of all things fast and physical. Her writing often reflects both of those passions. She lives with her wifey soul mate and fellow scribe, Brey Willows. They run the community interest company, Global Wordsmiths, helping aspiring authors to achieve their dreams and working with marginalized groups to get their stories heard. Robyn loves to create complex characters to weave into stories that remind us of the darker side of human nature in the hope that we might cultivate the light.